Twitter Thread: Response to Matt Taibbi's first Twitter Files Tweets

Posted December 2, 2022 in twitter-threads

Background: This is an archived Twitter thread. For more information, read: Elon banned me from Twitter for doing journalism. Good riddance.

Original URL of Twitter thread:

[This Tweet was deleted by the Tweet author.]

There aren't archives of all of the tweets available but these are mostly nude photos that were posted without consent

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Fun fact: Twitter censors links to https://ddosecrets[.]com in the same way for publishing police misconduct docs during 2020 BLM protests. The @nypost story was suppressed for 2 DAYS, @DDoSecrets has been censored for OVER 2 YEARS

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What's @elonmusk's excuse for banning antifascist accounts last week? Oh yeah, he took requests on who to ban directly from @MrAndyNgo in a twitter thread, and then banned them even though they didn't violate any rules

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And just as an aside, OF COURSE twitter shouldn't have censored the link to the @nypost story about Hunter Biden. It was bad, but not nearly as bad as twitter's ongoing censorship of @ddosecrets to this day, which @elonmusk refuses to acknowledge

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I just deleted the first tweet in this thread because it accidentally contained revenge porn. It said:

That first tweet contained nude images of Hunter Biden and a woman without their consent... that should have stayed up?

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I would love it if all of Twitter's internal emails were exposed so that we could see the lengths they took to suppress the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests instead of just the stuff conservatives are cherry-picking

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Or how Twitter bent over backwards to keep Trump's account online despite many, many instances of hate speech, inciting violence, and otherwise violating Twitter's rules

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It's so annoying how slowly @mtaibbi is tweeting this thread out. THE TWITTER FILES has no files, just tons of tweets posted 20 minutes apart? Like, why isn't this just an article? Did @elonmusk put you up to this?

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Anyway, Twitter sucks. Mastodon is fun and way less toxic, if you can make it past the initial usability hurdle. But it's worth it. I can't wait until this site burns down. I'm mostly posting there now

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