Twitter Thread: For first time in internet history Russia is fair game for cyber attacks, and this is what it looks like

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Background: This is an archived Twitter thread. For more information, read: Elon banned me from Twitter for doing journalism. Good riddance.

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I don't think people fully appreciate just how much, after invading Ukraine, people are hacking Russia. There are multiple hacks a week and it's only increasing. For first time in internet history Russia is fair game for cyber attacks, and this is what it looks like 馃У

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Distributed Denial of Secrets has been archiving these dumps and making them torrents. DDoSecrets has been around for a few years but made a big splash in 2020, during BLM protests by publishing hacked data on hundreds of US local/federal police sites

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Twitter permanently banned the @DDoSecrets account then, and also took the extraordinary step of banning links to ddosecrets dot com itself. Go ahead and try tweeting that URL, it won't work. Anyway, DDoSecrets has 7 Russian datasets from March and another 20 from April (so far)

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  • 817gb from Roskomnadzor, agency that monitors and censors mass media (!)
  • 79gb from Transneft, world's largest oil pipline company, state-controlled
  • 15gb from Rosatom, the state nuclear energy agency and major exported of uranium
  • 2.4gb from RostProekt, a construction company

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  • 110gb from MashOil, manufacturer for drilling, mining, and fracking industries
  • 22gb from the Central Bank of Russia
  • 5.9gb from Thoriz Corp, investment firm owned by an oligarch billionaire
  • 52gb from Marathon Group, another investment first owned by another oligarch

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  • 15gb from the Russian Orthodox Church's charitable wing
  • 65gb from Central Legal Services, mostly emails
  • 483gb from Mosekspertiza, state-owned firm
  • 786gb from VGTRK, state-owned broadcaster that runs dozens of TV/radio stations (!)
  • 244gb from Petrofort

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  • 145gb from Aerogas, oil and gas industry
  • 35gb from Forest, logging firm
  • 116gb from Tver Governor's office, appointed by Putin
  • 150gb from the city of Blagoveshchensk

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Whew... there's still a lot more. It's going to take months and years to look through all of this data. It's hard to picture how this will affect Russia going forward. It's massive.

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  • 446gb from the Ministry of Culture (!)
  • 221gb from the education department of Strezhevoy
  • 440gb from Technotec, oil and gas industry
  • 726gb from Gazprom, oil and gas manufacturer
  • 400gb from Continent Express, travel agency

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  • 222gb from Gazregion, construction company that does gas pipelines (hacked by 3 different hacktivists at the same time lol)
  • 107gb from Neocom Geoservice, oil, gas, and drilling engineering

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  • 1.2gb from Synesis Surveillance System
  • 9.5gb from General Dept of Troops and Civil Construction (works with ministry of defense)
  • 160gb from Tendertech, financial and banking processing firm

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Those last four datasets: those were from TODAY. I know there are several more in the DDoSecrets backlog as well. It's insane.

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This isn't all that DDoSecrets does at all. It's just been particularly slammed by hacktivism against Russia since the illegal invasion of Ukraine. Here's a great overview from @illegaldaydream, a member of the collective

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After January 6, DDoSecrets published 5gb of hacked data from the Oath Keeper militia and shared it privately with journalists, which triggered dozens of investigations around the country

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During the far right anti-vax Canadian "Freedom Convoy", a hacktivist hacked the far right fundraising site GiveSendGo and leaked all their data to DDoSecrets, which shared with journalists. This also triggered dozens of news articles

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Even since Russia's war against Ukraine started, DDoSecrets published 4TB of data from "Mining Secrets", a major collaboration of 65 journalists and 20 newsrooms

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Anyway, I've been working on downloading as much of the hacked Russian data as I can and making it searchable for Russian-speaking journalists. If you have the time and tech skills, you should too! The data is available to everyone

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And if you want to support DDoSecrets, go to ddosecrets dot com and click "Donate" on the left. The collective works on a shoestring budget, doesn't get paid, and spends very little time fundraising because they're too busy with everyone hacking Russia

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TODAY DDoSecrets released two new hacked Russian datasets:

  • 130gb from Worldwide Invest, investment firm
  • 432gb from Sawatzky, property management firm with lots of big clients

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The section on the DDoSecrets Wikipedia page for its 2022 releases is woefully out of date, if anyone wants to improve it

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Another release today:

  • 211gb from Accent Capital, a commercial real-estate investment firm

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I wrote an article about how hacktivists are bombarding Russia with an Unprecedented onslaught of cyberattacks

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Another day, another few hundred gigs of hacked emails from a Russian company. Today DDoSecrets published 432gb of data from Enerpred, the largest producer of hydraulic tools in Russia that works in energy, petrochemical, coal, gas and construction

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1.1 terabytes (!) of email from ALET / 袗袥袝孝, a customs broker for companies in the fuel and energy industries, handling exports and customs declarations for coal, crude oil, liquefied gases and petroleum products

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More hacks in the last few days:

  • 554gb of data from Petersburg Social Commercial Bank
  • 1.7tb (terabytes!) from Elektrocentromontazh, Russia's primary electricity utility

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The first hacked Russian dataset in May: 20gb of data from LLC Capital, a Russian accounting firm

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