Monthly Archives: November 2013

Leaving EFF and joining a fearless team of journalists

I started working at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in March of 2011. I joined the tech team as EFF’s first full-fledged web developer, eventually switching jobs internally to become a staff technologist. After over two and a half years of working with the most inspiring group of people I’ve ever met, I’m moving on to join a startup. Monday is my last day of work at EFF.

Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, Jeremy Scahill, and a fantastic team of people are starting a media organization that will redefine journalism, and I’m joining its tech team. My focus will be on using technology to ensure that the constitutional rights of journalists cannot be violated by powerful spy agencies or anyone else.

I’m ecstatic about my change in career, and there are so many ideas buzzing around my head about it.┬áBut I’ll wait until we launch our website before talking about the new company. Instead I’m going to talk about my time at EFF.

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