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OnionShare has some exciting new features

It’s been some time since I’ve written about OnionShare, so I thought I’d write an update on all of the latest work. Today we released version 1.3 (and last month we released 1.2, so the releases are getting more frequent). You can get the latest version at

But first, I owe a huge thanks to Miguel Jacq for churning out new features, taking over a lot of the GitHub issue triaging responsibilities, and becoming a core OnionShare developer.

If you haven’t tried it out in awhile, here are some things that are new:

The user interface has a major upgrade. It’s now much more clear exactly what steps you’re supposed to take at every point, and it looks a bit more like a modern piece of software. In addition to the OnionShare interface getting redesigned, the client-side web interface — what people receiving the files with Tor Browser see — also has a new look:

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